Selected Publications

Latest list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar.

Increasing the Accessibility of Peripheral Artery Disease Screening with Deep Learning (Paper) Adrit Rao, Oliver Aalami 2022 MICCAI International Workshop on Applications of Medical Artificial Intelligence (AMAI)

Accessible artificial intelligence for ophthalmologists (Paper) Adrit Rao, Harvey A Fishman 2022 Nature Eye Journal

Studying the Effects of Self-Attention for Medical Image Analysis (Paper) Adrit Rao, Jongchan Park, Sanghyun Woo, Joon-Young Lee, Oliver Aalami 2021 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)

Development of the Next Generation Hand-Held Doppler with Waveform Phasicity Predictive Capabilities Using Deep Learning (Paper) Adrit Rao, Akshay Chaudhari, Oliver Aalami 2021 MICCAI International Workshop on Clinical Image-Based Procedures (CLIP)

Waveform Phasicity Prediction from Arterial Sounds through Spectrogram Analysis using Convolutional Neural Networks for Limb Perfusion Assessment (Paper) Adrit Rao, Kevin Battenfield, Oliver Aalami 2021 IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS)